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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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Development of internet has been done with the rise of electricity

Both electricity and the Internet are a tool for enterprise services.

November 22, in 2016 the third session of the dark horse to a rendezvous, network technology CEO, Thunder CEO Chen Lei delivered a speech.

Chen Lei that the beginning of this century and early last century there are many things in common, the core of productivity from the power into the Internet, both of which are a tool for business services. The first half of the Internet is in the construction of the Internet infrastructure, the biggest feature is the scale effect. In the second half, the Internet business will be transferred from the infrastructure to all walks of life, really into an "Internet +" era.

Chen Lei pointed out that today's business, understand the Internet is important, more importantly, the team. The core is going to find today is also very difficult to do business, thinking why it is difficult, where the problem, how to solve.

The following is Chen lei speech, the entrepreneur & i dark horse editor:

In 2014, when I was in Tencent cloud, just look at the entire Internet industry is where to develop. In this process, I turned a lot of history and found the beginning of this century and early last century there are many things in common. In the early part of the last century, the core of productivity was electricity, and by the turn of the century it had become the Internet. These two things have a lot of similarities, in my opinion, electricity and the Internet is a tool for business services.

So in early 2014, we put forward a concept called "Internet +", today the concept has swept the country. At that time we thought, cloud computing is actually the Internet tool package, into a way everyone can use. The Internet is essentially such a tool.

I just mentioned the first half of the Internet and the second half, I understand that the first half of the Internet is in the construction of the Internet infrastructure. As if you want to develop electricity, have to first develop from power generation to power supply, lighting and some of the most basic, and power directly related industries, laid to the world. Why can lighting to promote the development of the entire electricity? Because it pushed the demand to thousands of households.

So the first half of the Internet is in the Internet infrastructure, in this process, the biggest feature is the scale effect. For example, you develop power plants, mines, oil companies, the scale itself can bring the greatest benefits.

But today, especially in China, these infrastructure has some deep-rooted "obstruction" of the. Of course, compared to the power of the last century, the era of the Internet era of technological innovation speed and pace may be faster, in these areas, there are still opportunities for innovation. In China this special environment, at least the Internet industry, there is no antitrust, we do not do antitrust, Google, Microsoft is a monopoly, but we are not. In fact, many investment companies are constantly strengthening this monopoly. Coupled with China's enterprise management in the existence of some deficiencies, issued a variety of licenses for management, so that the company has been mature and conducive to the development of the policy.

Therefore, not in the infrastructure business, the second half of the Internet business will be transferred from the infrastructure to all walks of life, really into an "Internet +" era.

In the process, the Internet becomes complete. Before the venture is with a dream of the Internet. Today's business to turn, the first market, then think about how to do. So start today, understand the network is important, more importantly, the team.

There is a person we do not know, said a word, saying that some people who want to create often can not create a valuable

The company's designers, is said to be a second-rate designer. Once he went to ski, when the snowboard is wooden, relatively heavy, very bad, he slipped very bad, but he did not blame themselves, but that the ski industry to him a problem, so to solve this problem. problem. He took the aviation industry manufacturing materials used to do skis, and achieved great success. Snowboarding with new materials is far superior to past wooden skis, making skiing from a fever professional sports into a large-scale movement, today in the United States, tens of millions of people each year to go skiing.

This person is very interesting, after he finished the snowboard, went to learn to play tennis, but also playing well. He was already very rich, please a professional coach, the coach said, I beg you, the money back to you, you do not learn. This person does not feel that their own fault, but that bad tennis racket, indeed, when the racket area is very small, and heavy. So he made the tennis racket with alloy material, carried out innovation, brought a tennis racket revolution, but also to tennis into a mass movement.

Although this is not a well-known people, but in my entrepreneurial process and career development process, gave me a lot of inspiration. A core is that we have to find the industry today is also very difficult to do business, ask yourself why it is difficult. Of course, sometimes because of social problems, some because of policy issues. But in this era of change, we have the conditions to go deeply to study every difficult thing, difficult to make the business or hobby. For example, today's AR market, is still a field of enthusiasts, where the problem, how to solve these problems, are worth thinking about

Scene is just a development in the present stage of the Internet, users gathered access, not just insurance, any financial products need to rely on the scene marketing.

On Friday, "Huaxing Pai" Internet Insurance Forum held in Beijing, the Forum released a study of the depth of Huaxing capital industry, "Internet insurance business model." More than 100 guests from well-known insurance companies, star start-ups, first-line dollar funds and RMB funds gathered together to exchange ideas on innovation and practice of the Internet insurance industry, as well as future trends and opportunities for entrepreneurship and investment in the sector.

The following is Chairman of the Board of Directors Li Xiankun, Chairman of Jingdong Finance and Insurance Department, Wenjing Yan, General Manager of Sunshine Credit Insurance Internet Division Zou Wen, Vice President of Huaxing Capital and Head of Fintech Industry Group Zhang Yu for exchange and sharing of Internet insurance products.

The Impact of Big Data on Internet Insurance Products

Zhang Yu: Good afternoon, first of all to introduce the three guests on behalf of the company, evaluation drive technology to do UBI vehicle driving major data analysis, providing auto insurance solutions; Sunshine Credit Insurance is the first approved based on large data and Internet credit To ensure that the insurance company; Jingdong Financial and Insurance Division is relying on the Jingdong financial insurance eco-platform. We see, relying on the electricity provider, Internet finance and some other emerging online scene, Internet insurance products have also changed the form, would like to share a few points of view.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

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Development of latest internet products in 2016

Recently, sing it CEO Chen Hua as Wu Shichun to help out mentor appeared 【entrepreneurial laboratories unicorn growth room】 and do wonderful to share. In his view, 2C, the large number of users of the project there are many opportunities.

Chen Hua, according to the years of play to sing it summed up, to do the Internet products, basic services free of charge, the pursuit of the ultimate product experience, and self-dissemination mechanism to these three as the core model has a prominent effect. The singing mode will also be this model, extended to the line KTV.

For capital in the winter, "Sellers start" the status quo, as a continuous entrepreneur, Chen Hua also have something to say. "Many people think that took the money to venture to burn, burn a big bubble is over, but in fact very dangerous." Chen Hua said, experienced the winter or failed entrepreneurs know how valuable money. Financing is important, but he does not encourage borrowing or selling a home to start a business; and as an entrepreneur, give yourself a default investor suddenly lose the patience of what to do. "Burn money should not be the norm, the entrepreneur must think about how to make money as soon as possible."

The following is Chen Hua share, by the entrepreneur & i dark horse Edit:

2C, the large amount of users of the project was interesting

I have had two very complete business experience, three or four times before the surgeon to do their own projects. Was first in 1999 in Beijing University to do a Skynet FTP search, in 2003 made Skynet MAZE, 2006 with Wu Shichun together to do the very cool news, the end of 2008 to Alibaba is responsible for web search engine, out in 2011 Set up to sing it. A variety of experiences, partial search engine a little more.

I have a few feelings, in my experience, 2C, the large amount of users of the project is more interesting. To find a direction to such a goal, you can find a lot of exciting points. Like the typical cool news to seize the rigid demand of the user, we can not buy tickets before the Spring Festival, which is a problem, we found around this issue of innovative technology and product solutions. We are not for innovation and innovation, a problem where, we think of a way to solve it, this may be a business opportunity.

I sing before it, a year actually very painful, we have been looking for direction. Because I have been doing the search, so before singing it, I have been tangled to do search engines, but toss for a year did not find the feeling. Therefore, we choose the direction of the background is not necessarily related to their own experience, but to see what needs to be resolved, and the size of the user needs large enough.

So we found that sing this direction, from dozens of needs in the sifting out of a singing needs, first of all because it is a large-scale users, is absolutely tens of millions to hundreds of millions of people. We see the Chinese talent show is very fire, singing the demand placed there, the mobile Internet should have a singing product, but nobody has solved this demand.

In addition, this demand has a breakthrough space. Before we wanted to sing how to sing? Go to KTV, go to KTV is difficult, sometimes a person went to KTV feel very shameful; but to pull a person to sing and found the group is very difficult, but also eat and drink, have to accompany friends laughing and joking, sing a song cost Too high, do not let people enjoy.

We then screened China's App again to see what people are doing in similar products and found that these products have a few features that we are very excited, because the competitors do something in my opinion "unreasonable" thing:

One is paying for all the songs. As an Internet product, this is wonderful, why pay it? Second, the music library is only more than 140 songs. why? Because the law provides more than 150 primary piracy. Why can not spend money to buy a lot of song copyright it, why could not bear the money? The third is recorded songs, recorded over there, the user does not know how to do, no next action.

This gives us an opportunity.

Do the three core products of the Internet

What do we do?

First, the Internet products must be basic services free or low-cost, which is the most important. When you want to subvert an industry, be sure to basic services, core services to do completely free or below cost, so that competitors in a core appeal can not compete with you.

Second, the pursuit of the ultimate product experience. Such as singing it, we added a sound landscaping function, coupled with sound, so that your voice is better than expected to listen. For this ultimate experience, we also added a girl like photo slideshow, so that everyone can show their face. There are some small experience, such as flowers.

Third, pay attention to native self-communication ability. When we design a product, to get this product quickly and cheap users, it must be the product comes with communication properties, we do not need all users to spend money, so the cost is too high. How to make products have the inherent ability to spread it? At that time, singing about it made a three-tier automatic transmission system.

I found a very lonely singing, we sing in the KTV is happy because someone singing a cry, the Internet can not do this, unless the broadcast. How to solve people after the song finished the sense of accomplishment? We thought of a way, everyone singing songs with the program to make a sub, beat the number of people, the results will be shared WeChat circle of friends, microblogging and the like, this is the first communication.

We do a list, who fire who list, the second communication is "I want to list", this power is not the same, you want to list, will ask a friend to come to send flowers. The third spread is that when someone can always list, you will find not only friends can hear their songs, as well as strangers to hear, or even become their fans. What is my idol is not the first? Today, my idol in second place, I started a friend to support my idol, he got the first place. Idol fans fight, this is the third communication, through the competitive relationship, we desperately forward a work outward.

Now every day to sing hundreds of thousands of works uploaded, out to share millions, a lot of sharing of communication, which do not need me to spend a penny, which is the inherent self-communication ability. Not necessarily every product can be designed, but I think if you really bother to design, each product can find some reasons to share out. The inner core is to find some reason to sing it is the sense of achievement, the user at a certain point in time to find, do one thing to get a greater sense of accomplishment, or more to show off, it will play it.

Sing this model can be applied to many other products and business scope.

For example, we do in 2014 to sing it Mai Song KTV, this business by singing it to invest in the company to do, and now there are more than 20 stores in Beijing, Beijing is the largest KTV, is estimated that next spring is China's largest KTV, Growing rapidly. We are doing this traditional KTV business, but also to think of these three points.

First, can basic services free or low-cost? The basic service is the room charges, costs. Sing the bar between the rooms to be low enough to sing, sing an hour with the coffee shop, like coffee, may be twenty or thirty dollars. At this time we force the product team to think, when your basic services free or low, how to find ways to make value-added services. Can not sell advertising, membership fees, can work to the Internet, online someone to send you online virtual objects? The team will find ways to earn other money, then you will find basic services free or low-cost people can not die, not so scary.

The second is to create the ultimate product. Users care about what, do not care what, we will make it clear these problems. We are not disruptive innovation services, we must find out, the user came to the line what kind of extreme KTV products? Users are most concerned about the room sound good, decoration pattern for a lot of friends gathering. What is not necessary? KTV on the public comment criticized the most powerful is not delicious rice. It would cut it forget, a cut is a huge profit-earning. The table put a hungry Mody, the US group take-away, the user's own point.

We go to KTV singing most care about is the experience of the room, no need to luxury lobby. We experience in the KTV What is poor? Waiter service is not good. Now we directly cut off most of the attendants, in each room put a vending machine, the customer took the phone sweep.

When you put the team to the extreme, the best solution to the core point of experience, is a very good product, and soon came out.

Another point is the spread of sex. We line KTV with singing online combination, do a lot of innovation, such as online and offline to get through, the room singing online can hear, online audience can send drinks to the room. You can also play strangers exchange, next door to a beautiful sister, singing her attention to her micro-message for understanding. We can think of all kinds of promotion of social, communication things to Riga, trying to increase the spread of sex.

We have to face the industry, there are many innovations, so that better products than others, higher profit margins, more competitive.

Do not borrow money or sell a business psychological pressure too

Many people think that took the money to vote hard to burn, burn a big bubble on the end, in fact, this is very dangerous. We all know that it is winter, financing is very difficult. An entrepreneur who has experienced a cold winter or failure will know how valuable it is. In my opinion, the use of money is to protect the confidence, not used to spend. I am melting a lot of money in history, the vast majority did not spend, and now we C round of the money not to spend money, but also into the D round, the money stood not daring to spend. When we need to spend money, such as when a malicious competitor to fight money, when others hit 10 million I hit 20 million. No vicious competition, can save the province. Now I sing psychological pressure is very low, on the one hand my business income up, the second I have sufficient cash on account, I just do not want to spend.

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

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Latest business techniques must require in head of officials

CEOs need to spend more time on people and strategy, to account for 50% of the energy, rather than the main thing itself.

Investors said

Founder does not grow, the company will not progress, but the growth and change takes a long time to try and adjust, and these accepted methods of testing, presumably will be a lot of later entrepreneurs help it. Today, and share with you, I believe will be worth a read 3 times you good text, the article is Yang Hao Chung system summed up their own business more than ten years of experience and methods.

1, corporate culture

These years down their own business has such an experience, if you are the industry first, we must use this advantage to recruit better people, to ensure that your team is better than the opponent. If you are more than twice as much money than the opponent, but when the team is still saving money, it is not necessary, because this time you want to build their own potential.

In addition, the early start of each person, every day to solve the problem, but in solving the problem, the team is very important, your founder has a dream, there is no share this dream to the team? What is your future? What are your values? What do the founders approve of?

These problems if you do not solve dozens of people in the company, to hundreds of people when you will be very painful, difficult to solve, your team is not the soul, the soul means that I see your company, I know Everyone is almost the same.

Early must take advantage of the people established, because the team members themselves will influence each other, and later people will be affected in front of people. Early corporate culture is very important, you must establish the potential to attract talented people, the establishment of effective internal mechanisms. I just mentioned the company's mission, values, vision, this is not true, we must go to speak with everyone every moment, let your team agree with this thing, it is very important.

So, do the highest level of business, to sum up, in addition to the ability to fight bayonet - but also to fight street fighting, and is able to continue to fight street fighting, the establishment of potential energy to win thousands of miles away, try not to a calm sea On the opponent than the muscle, than the speed of the boat, let the waves push you forward, so the opponent draw two, you draw, this is very important.

Team building is the same, in the A round when you are very difficult to please Daniel, but not recommended in the first time to build the team to the best, instead of trying to do their own middle-level team is very important, because they will Is the company's skeleton.

2, go to the guilty of the two mistakes

When the go to get the first sum of money when in fact do not know how to do marketing, good luck is our early through word of mouth, through the search engine development, in 2012 we took a lot of money. At that time we took about 60 million US dollars C round, the team never get so much money, when the valuation of 100 million US dollars is very large. We entered a phase of rapid growth, the company's rapid expansion.

At that time because of sales and marketing do not understand, we simply think that sales is the people move up, and then to call money will come. We do see this early, you ask some people, they call, advertising, do to push. Now it looks silly, when the sales do not understand, we desperately recruit people, from 100 to 900 people. We get 60 million US dollars is a lot of money, at that time the biggest event in the market that everyone online city 70 billion dollars, the whole market all stirred up.

2012, 2013, we hit the ad that we have high sales, we do not see the financial, that time to go to the market is the higher the higher the loss the greater the loss, high-speed expansion you lose a lot. Just competitor came in, I simply think I can do the amount of big, then made two errors:

The first error is actually focused on the issue; we did a lot of things, we do social products, but also do buy. In fact, the truth should not do buy, but at that point in time, many investors told me that Yang Hao Chung we want to vote you, the premise is that you do buy, you buy on a very big advantage, because you have A lot of stable business, you do buy a lot of advantages ... ...

We spent three or four months to persuade them to do our team also discussed a long time, but also more careful, we look at the situation is not closed, and now feel silly, but at that time point if there are investors I'm sure you will do it. There are a lot of all kinds of temptations, in fact, for you are not the core competitiveness, you are very easy to go in, fell into a big somersault after.

Finally, we summed up the internal sentence: a child is to raise. "Support" means continuous attention. If you do not give him, it will affect his growth, if you have several such children that you will be a great burden.

The second mistake is the company's rapid expansion of the corporate culture, management pressure; then our sales staff from hundreds of people suddenly rose to 900, the highest time to 2500 people. The most crazy time a month probably recruited 500 people, 500 growth! But no one in our executives with over 200 people in the team, you can imagine how much pressure at that time.

Said a joke, I was into the company when we stopped by the guard, he said you are? I do not know how I answer, he said you are what department? I do not know how to answer. this is a true story.

I think this is every entrepreneur to experience a pain, is the company after the rapid growth of team management, culture, and many other aspects can not keep up. And now many people say you do to push the Yang Hao Chung thousands of people to push you over tens of thousands of people This is your strength, this strength In fact, in 2009, 2010 is my biggest weakness, are slowly growing over the past few years of.

So there is no natural entrepreneur is a genius, on the one hand is particularly strong on the other hand is certainly weak, the growth of learning is the most important. Escape from their comfort zone, do not say I do not know how to find a person to help me manage, this will be a problem.

Said he is a product of the people, may not be willing to socialize outside, many entrepreneurs say they are good at marketing push hard with the sales people soak together, this is to find a reason. Do not give an excuse for their shortcomings, efforts to correct their shortcomings, the reason we all know, but few entrepreneurs said to be out of the comfort zone, we are forced to, or else one day your short board will come back ruthless Ruthless to give you a punch, give a punch will give you the second punch, because you did not overcome it, it will continue to beat you.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Technology is beneficial for the development in building infrastructure

Shenzhen Bay, a land reclamation, Shenzhen has become the center of entrepreneurial innovation. Here stands the Shenzhen Tencent Binhai Building, Shenzhen Baidu International Building, A8 Music (Hong Kong listed companies) building, mango network building and other well-known Internet company headquarters or regional headquarters building.

Shenzhen Bay Shenzhen Software Industrial Base 5 D Block, 10-11 floor, is the million-founder Wu Taibing cost billion to buy the office building, an area of ​​about 5,000 square meters. Wu's office, not only can look around the Shenzhen Bay, you can also see the sea across the sea in Hong Kong Lau Fau Shan.

With the giant on the same stage of Wanxing, in the domestic reputation is not large, but it is China's consumer software field invisible champion. For more than 200 countries and regions worldwide sales of consumer software, the annual number of millions of new subscribers, 2015 revenue of nearly 300 million yuan, tens of millions of profits.

Really incredible.

Little domestic software companies rely on direct sales of software to the massive overseas C-scale users to make money. Whether 360 or Jinshan, are free software, value-added services (advertising, game transport, etc.) charges. Most of the Chinese software companies to make foreign money, 2B, they are mostly software outsourcing companies, such as VanceInfo, they rely on a large number of people in Europe and the United States large software outsourcing company, is the artificial difference.

Wan Xing, China's software industry is how to breed heterogeneous?

Tool software

Born in 1975 Wu Taibing also considered a veteran of the software industry, worked in the bank after the sea came to Shenzhen to build the kingdom of Wansheng, but also to thank his children.

In 2002, the beginning of the father Wu Taibing and now many parents, as Shawwa madman - he deliberately purchased a digital camera, want to far home in Hunan, the parents can see the child's photos, but since there is no home computer , The digital photos washed out to send back the cost is too high. Fortunately, home VCD machine, Wu Taibing think, whether the development of a software, the digital photo with a computer burn to VCD? Wu Taibing will soon be developed, the parents of his home through the mail to share the child's growth in the joy of VCD. Through this matter, so that Wu Taibing from the smell of business opportunities, and constantly optimize this product, it can be added to the computer text, sound, he will this product named "Photo To VCD".

In 2002, the domestic software and from the pack, Jinshan, rising, Oriental guards and other anti-virus software in the Lianbang software line channels, the domestic online download station is basically a free or pirated products. For Photo to VCD such a small minority of the software, Wu Taibing did not have the financial resources to do offline promotion, they try to put this product into the overseas download site for sale. This is completely unintentional move.

At the end of 2002, Photo To VCD revenue actually more than 1 million yuan, which makes Wu Taibing excited: a product can sell so much money, 10, 20? Wu Taibing quickly on September 23, 2003 incorporated a million-hing, a large-scale recruitment of troops to expand the team.

Now Pengxingyun HRD Peng Pingyun still remember the first time to see the case of Wu Taibing: Shenzhen Lotus Hill at the foot of Jiangsu Building, the office is facing Deng Xiaoping's statue, two empty rooms, the computer has not bought. At that time the "atypical pneumonia" just after, Peng Pingyun home from home in Hunan Chenzhou to Shenzhen to find a job, after an interview, she became Wu Tai Bing's first four employees, responsible for the design, a monthly salary of 3200 yuan.

Wu Taibing was only a product - Photo To VCD. Peng felt that it really useful to solve the problem of user needs. Like other founders, Wu Taibing portrayed a great future to Peng - hope all the PC has Wanxing products, hope Wanxing products can change life. "Software wisdom, global sharing! Colorful digital life!" Now is the million-executive Peng remember the company's first slogan.

Wu Taibing also did not expect to estimate that he chose to do a difficult road to consumer software. Consumer software is characterized by a large number of users, the market frequently hot, fast product updates. This is Wu Taibing and his team made a high demand: how the first time to understand and identify market demand, the rapid introduction of products?

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

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New volkswagen car with 2.4 litre engine {latest news in china}

Wen | i dark horse Yang Research Center

A few days ago, LeSEE's first concept car unveiled, Jia Yueting is almost to tears at the conference site. There is a saying once said, cars, can stimulate the heart in every man born of passion. Do not believe it, but look at the speed and passion of the world will know the heat. The Tesla led the trend of new energy smart vehicles, Apple and Google have launched a plan to build cars, but also inspire the domestic Internet who have opened their own repairer dream.

Since 2015, more and more Internet companies have joined the ranks of repairer. Ali Internet car, Baidu driverless cars, music, as the concept car have appeared, millet Gree said to have been eager. Let us take stock of what, what are the repairer of domestic Internet companies, their actions in the past year. The concept is to play good, chase dreams or, they, whether they are in front of the auto companies "barbarians"?

Internet "repairer" How hard?

A wave of "national repairer" fever is hit.

"Lay" repairer, the success rate can be a bit? Geely chairman Li Shufu said, leading the automotive industry in the future must be a car company, but not the Internet company. Repairer for Internet businesses, which is tantamount to Doutou pot of cold water.

Although Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, BMW and other car firms also said that the car was going intelligence, information technology, but for them, is still adhere to the traditional industries as the main body, "+ Internet" and did not think the Internet can replace the company in this regard yourself.

Tesla is a special case, lit tech enterprises enthusiasm for electric vehicles. But for the repairer, its threshold is extraordinarily high. Internet companies outside of the Query repairer, is also here. An automotive products, need to go through research and development, design, manufacture, test, mass production of multiple stages, which require large-scale capital consumption, a large number of staff collaboration, and strong R & D capabilities on all aspects. And Internet companies who, although able to recruit senior executives and technical staff car prices, but still is the lack of long-term accumulation of technology, and, most importantly, the automotive industry's core patents, is still concentrated in the hands of the traditional automotive business.

Meanwhile, the repairer is a burn, working slowly and deliberately, long production cycle of things. Accustomed to rapid product iterations of Internet companies, I am afraid that can not adapt to this mode of production. Tesla established in 2003, it is until 2012, was able to achieve a small batch production.

And compared to intelligence, information and be, safe and reliable, it is still the core product needs a car.

Therefore, BAT, music, as the other giants, or take a cautious approach. They are made from the basic operating system and other software aspects, and car companies are basically conducted in-depth cooperation, and actively expand the automotive industry and downstream resources, enrich their own accumulated technology and supply chain. And nevertheless, their vehicles from a real road, mass production, there is still a far way to go.

For other companies, small and medium sized Internet repairer, the difficulty is even more doubt. At present, most of them still remain in the concept of progress. However, in the last two years, we will also have a number of new concept cars are coming.

Standing on the air these barbarians "repairer", the door can be opened to the automotive industry, to become the next Tesla it? We'll see.

Standing nine air companies on the Internet and repairer

1, depending on the car music

In 2014, Jia Yueting music, as disclosed on the new energy vehicles, "See plan (Super Electric Ecosystem)", expressed through independent research and development, to build the Internet smart electric cars, build cars Internet ecosystem.

Music, as the team has a luxury car lineup. Former co-founder Ding Lei, general manager of Shanghai GM, responsible for marketing the vehicle. Infiniti China general manager PROCEEDINGS, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Gio high depth of field, FAW - Volkswagen production director Frank Sterzer are joining them. Music as the global R & D team has more than 700 cars, of which more than 400 people in North America.

Meanwhile, the music, as manufacturers and also cooperation in the field of traditional repairer to provide technical support for the music as the car. Last March, depending on the music and BAIC signed a cooperation agreement to jointly develop the first intelligent car. In addition, the music, as the shares of the US electric cartridge research and development company Atieva. This provides support for the technical aspects of music as cars.

Apart from the repairer, the music, as the territory is also expanding overseas automotive sector. Last December 10, the electric car brand investment FaradayFuture music as announced in the United States in North Las Vegas building manufacturing plants in North America, with a total investment of 1 billion dollars. February 17, 2016, with the music, as the Aston Martin signed a memorandum of understanding announced the establishment of electric vehicle joint venture cooperation.

April 20, 2016, music, as the car LeSEE concept car unveiled. The new flagship model of intelligent network concept, can autopilot, and also self-learning, capable of face recognition, emotion recognition, environment and path recognition. In appearance, the front face of the concept car equipped with large LED screen, passersby can display vehicle status. At the scene, Jia Yueting demonstrates how to use music as a mobile phone remote control car into place.
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Saturday, September 24, 2016

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Technology helps to address the quality of the individual at large extent

In most cases, in order to make the right decisions, a group of smart people often also better tomorrow better than a man.


In the entrepreneurial process, many people have such doubts:

"I am in the end should or should not talk to the outlet, after all, standing on the air easier to take the money?"

"Entrepreneurial failure rate is so high, that the first result of their failure behind what is?"

"What is the early start of the truth?"

"Why is everyone accepted 'early start to this need fast iterative method', there may be pitfalls are there?"

"Entrepreneurs and investors in the end how to get along?"

"What was the result of 'winter capital' is the real reason?"

There are "VC investment snipers," said Capital Partners CONSERVATORY boiling point, these issues entrepreneurs, have their own thinking, which stems from his years of Internet investment industry experience.

The following is CONSERVATORY in "Investor said," The selection of share:

A front view of the economic cycle

Some people say that entrepreneurship and investment, like mountain climbing, but in my opinion, both of which is more like surfing, the trend is in waves replacement forward. Imagine if you're on a wave of 3-meter-high waves, you might turn a few somersaults and win some applause. And if you encounter a wave of 12-meter-high waves, you have a chance to even turn a few fancy somersault, the achievements of a great career.

Big Wave is actually not common, most of the time you can come across are small waves. Big waves did not come can only wait, once you have big waves came captivated job. Wave size for entrepreneurs in terms of luck, for businesses that period.

Entrepreneurs need to jump out of the circle where their horizons, standing cycle of the development of the industry point of view. Such as the Internet business, about every two or three years a small period of six or seven years a big cycle. A company's development almost need five to seven years, it will go through the middle twenty-three peaks and valleys we see each cycle will be a great achievement of several companies.

The real test is when a company at the bottom. The market is good not reflect your advantage in this process, entrepreneurs need to address the regulation of the economic cycle on the market. The market is very clever, companies are generally killed should be killed.

Over the past few decades or even centuries, the star lot of companies, but few companies longevity, but many companies fall suddenly. Which you'll find a law, in fact, each year the company has had a fire in 1903 when the Lake brothers after the successful test flight, aircraft manufacturing companies do a lot of that era have become the most dazzling star. The company was listed on the NYSE are almost 350 aircraft-related, but in addition to Boeing, there are very few of them alive today.

* Orville - Wright (left) and Wilbur - Wright (right), taken in 1905.

When I first entered the investment industry, consulted senior a question: If the cast so the Internet to make money, then why are people switch to other industries? He told me that, in fact, you do not know, every area had been red. It made me realize that maybe I'm good at something, it may soon become a Dragon of art; I ignored the industry, there are likely to be under a blue ocean.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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Development of cctv technology in 2015-2016

Original title: G20 summit countdown Hangzhou month preparatory details reflect heat and temperature livelihood.

In exactly one month, G20 summit will be held in Hangzhou. Hangzhou is host to go all out, the preparatory summit has entered the final sprint stage. Reporters from many of the details can feel the heat in the summit preparations, Hangzhou people's participation and improve people's livelihood behind the temperature.

Hangzhou City residents 70-year-old Ms. Hao Xiuqin, particularly busy in the summer. Hangzhou as a community volunteer G20 summit, to ensure safety, she must wear armbands day on patrol once each afternoon in the district, to spend a total of three hours. Although high summer, the elderly do not feel hard, pride arises spontaneously. "G20 summit held in our Hangzhou, Hangzhou, which is the greatest honor and pride. This is an international summit in 20 countries. I, as the people of Hangzhou, I feel honor and pride. I attended community volunteers willing to serve the G20 summit. Every day I armbands hanging on for the safe and harmonious community, contribute my strength. "
Hao Xiuqin also took the Chinese marked with English textbooks, follow the teacher to learn English. He said the old man, though never touched before English, but they have to play the heat, took to the streets to help foreign friends.

Hao Xiuqin and she lived in Hangzhou, have entered into "G20 time." The General Assembly has now been recruited and trained translators, liaison workers, more than 1,000 people. More than 26,000 people have signed up as volunteers to the summit venue, the final selection of nearly 4,000. In exactly one month, that is, September 4th, 11th G20 summit will be opened in Hangzhou. Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhao Yide said the summit preparatory work has been basically ready. "To now say that the condition of the summit has been basically completed. We insist on excellence, achieve all-round promotion, venues for the summit with the best facilities and the urban environment. In terms of venues and facilities construction, is now fully completed the main venue of the G20 summit, B20 main venue of the summit, the leaders of the transformation of Chinese and foreign resident, and related activities to enhance the site, trying to make the venue facilities fully reflect the characteristics of Hangzhou, highlighting the Chinese style and Chinese style. "
In the dining area, G20 Hangzhou summit will be "Hangbangcai" the main leaders and guests to the exquisite taste delicious local dishes in Hangzhou. To ensure the safety of ingredients and raw materials, the construction of a 7450 square meters of Hangzhou total food warehouse, the total reserves of 900 tons, all the ingredients of the General Assembly unified procurement, inspection, storage, and distribution.

In terms of travel, Hangzhou will adopt international practices model "official protection, market lease" to provide 900 vehicles for the leaders and delegations.

In terms of security, the Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhao Yide said the summit will ensure foolproof security. "We adhere to safety first, advancing the whole process of security measures for the summit to create a reliable line of defense, continue to refine and deepen the security measures, planning and practice all kinds of emergency plans. We rely on grid management, set up in Hangzhou hundreds of thousands of 'peace volunteer patrol team', to mobilize the masses to actively participate in efforts to eliminate all kinds of security risks, and work together to create a stable social environment in detail.

To meet the G20 summit, Hangzhou also implemented 605 environmental remediation projects to enhance, not only the city of Hangzhou, "Yan value" higher and higher, rectification results also benefit the people.

Not long ago, Hangzhou Ms. Shao Guifeng Mantoushan community to bid farewell to the days down the toilet every morning, the family installed a toilet. Haogui Feng lived in the mountain bread, now white walls and black tiles, shady trees, the continuation of 800 years of the Southern Song Dynasty style. "After the preparations for the summit, the change is really too much, and sometimes in the evening with a grandson out, really it is very good."

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